Remembering Jung - A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his work with Joan Meier-Fritzsche

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Length: 1 hour 1 minute

“The whole problem in Jungian Psychology is that he would like people to learn to relate to others.”

Joan Meier-Fritzche was born and educated inGlarus,Switzerlandand studied at theuniversityofZurich. She married Dr. C.A. Meier and they had two children. Mrs. Meier was associated with C.G. Jung and Emma Jung both as a social friend and as a student, since her husband was for many years Jung’s closest younger colleague inZurich. Mrs. Meier worked analytically with C.G. Jung, Emma Jung, Toni Wolff and later with Dr. Liliane Frey. She became a lay analyst and was an active member of the Zurich Analytical Psychology Club. Here she tells us about the special difficulties inherent in being the wife of a Jungian analyst. She gives some of her impressions of Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff over the many years she was closely acquainted with them. She also comments briefly on women’s issues, on cultural difference, personality types and on experiences of loneliness, suffering and death.

This interview was conducted by Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D in the Spring of 1977 in the living room of Mrs. Meier’s home in Zurich. Mrs. Meier died peacefully in Glarus, Switzerland, March 2004.

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