Remembering Jung - A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his work with Jane Wheelwright

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Length: 1 hour

“I think what he did for women came in his tremendous interest in the individual. And women could be individuals too.” 

Born and raised near Santa Barbara, California on the cattle ranch of her pioneering family, Jane was educated in Eastern boarding schools. Early in her marriage to Joe Wheelwright, she traveled through China, Russia and other parts of Asia. In 1932 she and Joe traveled to Zurich to consult with Jung about an ailing aunt. This meeting changed their lives. Joe began analytic work with Jung and started medical school. He was preparing to train to be a Jungian analyst. Jane began her own analysis with Jung later on after getting into difficulties as a young mother of two in London, where they lived while Joe was in medical school. In 1940, they returned to the United States where they helped to found the Jung Institute of San Francisco. Jane continued to work with Jung and began to practice as a “lay” analyst. She has become a leading analyst through her unique gifts as a teacher and a writer, in addition to her skills as a sensitive analyst. In her later years, she published Death of a WomanThe Ranch Papers, and The Animus in Older Women

This conversation with Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D. a Jungian analyst in Sausalito, California, was filmed at the Wheelwrights’ retreat near Santa Barbara, in July of 1977.

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