Remembering Jung - A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his work with James Kirsch, M.D.

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Length: 1 hour

“I think this is one of the great achievements of modern physics and of Jung’s psychology, that we know our limits.” 

James Kirsch, M.D. born in Guatemala, and educated in Berlin, met Jung in 1926. Convinced of the magnitude of Jung’s genius, he analyzed with him in a periodic way until Jung’s death in 1961.

Finding disastrous events foretold in his dreams, Kirsch moved his family out of Germany when Hitler came to power. Eventually they emigrated to the United States where he and his wife Hilde, also an analyst, helped to found the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. He was active in the training of analysts and conducted scholarly research. He published two books,Shakespeare’s Royal Self, and The Reluctant Prophet. He earned the highest respect from colleagues the world over for his erudition in relating Jung’s findings to the fields of comparative religion, alchemy and literature. His gifts as a scholar combined with a capacity to evoke and recognize healing images from the deepest layers of the psyche in analytic work with patients. 

This conversation with Janet Dallett, Ph.D., a Jungian analyst practicing in Port Townsend, Washington, was filmed in Dr. Kirsch’s home office in January of 1977.

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