Remembering Jung - A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his work with Gilles Quispel, Ph.D

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Length: 48 minutes

"The 'Jung Codex' contains a writing which describes to us how man becomes aware and conscious of his deepest, innermost self." 

Gilles Quispel is a distinguished professor of Early Christianity who was born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1916. As a young man he obtained a doctorate in literature and the humanities and went on to research and teach about the early Gnostics. He traveled all over the world to lecture and was a visiting professor at Harvard. In the 1970s Quispel hosted a television show. Among his many publications are Jung, A Man of Our TimeThe Gospel of Thomas, and The Secret Book of Revelation. In this interview he describes his first meeting with Jung in 1944 in Ascona, Switzerland. He tells the dramatic story of how he gained the help of Jung and C.A. Meier to retrieve a valuable Gnostic text from the black market. This text had been part of a larger cache of ancient documents found in 1945 buried in a jar in Egypt near Nag Hammadi. Scholars consider these documents extremely valuable as the texts were from the first century C.E. and contained unknown sayings of Jesus. The lost text was retrieved and named the Jung Codex

This interview was filmed in February 1977 in the home of Dr. James Kirsch in Los Angeles. Dr. Kirsch and Dr. Suzanne Wagner are the interviewers.

Dr. Kirsch, who trained with Carl Jung practiced as a Jungian analyst in Los Angeles. Dr. Suzanne Wagner Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst practicing in Sausalito, California.

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