Remembering Jung - A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his work with Gerhard Adler, Ph.D

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Length: 1 hour

“Jung really has established that idea of man as part of the cosmic pattern. And man, as part of the cosmic pattern, has been given back his dignity as the individual.” 

Gerhard Adler was born in 1904 and raised in Berlin. He took a doctorate from the University of Freiburg. When he was only 26 he began analysis with Jung. Later, with Jung’s approval, he decided to become an analyst himself. Shortly after Hitler came to power, he moved to London where he became a leading Jungian analyst and a co-founder of the original Jungian training society. He was chosen by Jung, along with Dr. Michael Fordham, to edit the Collected Works of Jung in English and was co-editor with Aniela Jaffe of Jung’s Letters, Vol I & II. This interview includes a colorful recollection of his first meeting with Jung. He comments on Jung’s relationship with colleagues and gives a moving reminiscence of his own relationship to Jung’s close associate, Toni Wolff. He expresses his view that Jung’s importance for the future lies more in his deeper work on the nature of the psyche than on his clinical views of the processes of psychotherapy. 

This conversation with Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D., a Jungian analyst practicing in Sausalito, California, was filmed in 1976 in Palo Alto, California.

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