Remembering Jung - A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his work with C.A. Meier, M.D.

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Length: 1 hour

"Jung makes it very clear that conscience is something archtypal. It's an archetype of responsibililty to yourself as well as to the world." 

C.A. Meier was born in 1905 in Schaffhausen Switzerland. He met Jung at the age of 18. Soon after he began studies which led to a medical degree from the University of Zurich. He then worked in close collaboration with Jung, Toni Wolff, and Emma Jung in the pioneering years of Analytical Psychology. He was President of the Analytical Psychology Club and later a co-founder of the Jung Institute in Zurich. People came from all over the world to work in analysis with Meier, who spoke fluent English as well as German. Of the many lectures and books he published is a series on the major premises of Analytical Psychology, amplifying them for a new generation. Meier was a respected scholar and a leading analyst in Jung’s closest circle. Here he speaks of the issues in relating to the shadow aspect of the personality. He gives his unique impressions of a more personal side of C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff. 

This conversation with Dr. James Kirsch, a Jungian Analyst from Los Angeles, California, was filmed in July, 1976 at Dr. Meier’s office at his home in Zurich. Parts of a second interview in September 1979 with Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D. are included.

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